Jessica Duvall

  • Duvall Headshot

    Assistant Director of Cultural and Community Centers for Gender & Sexuality Centers

    Office: ST 253B
    Phone: 470-578-7557

    Jessica Duvall has been involved with the LGBTQ community at KSU for more than 10 years. Before receiving her BBA in Management from KSU, Jessica served as President of Kennesaw Pride Alliance and worked with peers to submit a proposal requesting the development of an office dedicated to serving the needs of the LGBTQ community at KSU.

    In 2013, Jessica proudly joined the staff of what was then called Student Development to establish LGBTQ Student Retention Services as a full-time service on campus. She is also responsible for the management and growth of the Safe Space Initiative at KSU, including its current process of evolution into a more comprehensive program across both campuses.

    In August of 2018, Jessica began serving the KSU community as the Assistant Director of Cultural and Community Centers for Gender and Sexuality Centers, providing leadership for both the LGBTQ Resource Center and the Women's Resource Center.

    Jessica is currently pursuing her MA in American Studies from KSU, with a concentration on LGBTQ Studies and Queer Theory. Her current research focuses on the impact, role, and development of Safe Space curriculum in higher education.

    She is the 2015 recipient of the Teresa M. Joyce Award for Excellence in LGBTQ Initiatives presented by the President’s Commission on LGBTQ Initiatives and the 2015 S.O.A.R. (Supporting Outstanding Achievements Residents) Award from Residence Life for her work with Stonewall Housing. 

    Jessica has facilitated numerous departmental presentations, workshops, and class discussions across campus on topics of sexuality and gender; with an emphasis on the complex connections between sex, gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation. She has also engaged conversations of intersectionality, institutional bias, and the impact of microagressions on the LGBTQ community.