Student Testimonials

  • The Resource Center has given me the ability to feel comfortable with who I am. Throughout my time at KSU it has helped me grow and embrace my identity while fostering a social and educational environment. The Resource Center brings safety and community for LGBTQ students on our campus.”

  • The Resource Center is a place to communicate with my friends and members of the community. It is the best place for everyone to come and feel safe.”

  • Being new to the state I met a lot of great people and friends in the LGBTQ Resource Center. I’ve gotten some great advice from Jessica, which is specifically geared to me, not some generic advice to give anyone. I’ve learned a lot about how to get involved in my community, school, how to make a difference. A lot of history about KSU and the LGBTQ community.”

  • The LGBTQ Resource Center is a safe place to connect with students like me”

  • The LGBTQ Resource Center is the world to me. It is a safe space. It has worked to provide safe housing for me and provides access to books I can’t find elsewhere.”

  • The LGBTQ Resource Center is a place to meet tons of amazing people and has opened my mind to people’s differences”