LGBTQ First-Year Learning Community

Fall 2018 - LC34

Do you want to meet other first-year students who share your interest in LGBTQ topics while fulfilling your first-year curriculum requirement?

If so, then the "LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community" for First-Year Students is for you!

About the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community:

This learning community will explore LGBTQ histories and identities while also connecting students to LGBTQ resources and communities at KSU. Students will explore questions including, how did the LGBTQ rights movement arise, and how has it evolved? How has LGBTQ movements shaped the world in which we live today? How can we empower ourselves and our peers by researching and educating others about LGBTQ experiences? Students in this learning community will participate in the development of new exhibits for KSU's celebration of LGBTQ History Month.

Learning Community Course Schedule (LC 34)

  • Course
  • KSU 1101
    J. Duvall
    T/TR 12:30-1:45P
  • GWST 1102
    M. Hemphill
    T/TR 3:30-4:45P

To be enrolled in this Learning Community, you must enroll in both courses within the Learning Community.

To enroll in LGBTQ Histories and Communities First-Year Learning Community:

There are two ways to enroll in the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community, to pre-register or during New Student Orientation.

  • Enroll via Pre-Registration (before New Student Orientation)
    To request to be manually placed (pre-registered) in the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community, please complete the form available here. Form opens 1/8/2018.
    Please note, in order to pre-register you must have completed the application process and have been admitted to KSU.
  • Enroll via New Student Orientation
    You can register for a learning community at New Student Orientation by enrolling during course registration. Advisors will help you with the process, just let them know you want to enroll in the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community!

Who can enroll in the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community?

All first-year full-time students entering Kennesaw State University with fewer than 15 semester hours are required to complete a First-Year Seminar or enroll in a Learning Community and complete all courses that comprise it. Students with fewer than 30 semester hours are also eligible, provided they have not already completed a first-year seminar (KSU1101, 1111, 1121, or 1200). Students who have earned 30 semester hours or more are not eligible to participate in the LGBTQ Histories and Communities Learning Community.

Residents of the Stonewall Housing Community are strongly encouraged to participate in this learning community, as well as first-year students who have a strong interest in LGBTQ histories, identities, and experiences.

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