Center Programming

The LGBTQ Center hosts weekly, biweekly and monthly programming for the campus community. Some of these programs include Queer Film Fridays, What's the Tea?, Campus Connections, and much more! See below for information on all of our Center Programming.

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    Campus Connections

    Campus Connections shows you the ins-and-outs of Kennesaw State University. We bring real people from departments on campus to help you figure out where to go and who to talk to when you have a question or concern at KSU. This is an informal opportunity to network with on-campus staff and ask any questions you may have in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
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    Center Convos

    The LGBTQ Resource Center is a space for community and within any community growth must occur. Center Convos is an opportunity to delve deeper into the mission of the Resource Center and talk through some of the theories the RC mission is based upon.
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    GAYmer Time

    GAYmer Time Tuesday focuses on building and fostering relationships between fellow gaymers.
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     Queer Film Friday

     82.5% of major studio releases exclude LGBTQ people from their stories and 65-68% of those stories are about gay, white men. Queer Film Friday is an opportunity to not only support LGBTQ stories but to discuss the way in which LGBTQ identities are represented.
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     What's the Tea?

     So much happens in this world that affects us and our community. “What’s the Tea?!” gives students an opportunity to have a safe space to effectively and critically discuss the current issues and current events that are surrounding the LGBTQ community.